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It was in 2002 that Dr. med. Wolfgang Schmitt, orthopedic surgeon and consultant, had the idea of opening multi-language polyclinics at Costa del Sol.

In the appealing province of Málaga in the south of Andalusia/Spain, where the sun is shining 320 days a year, both OTS Clinic Marbella and OTS Clinic Concept Torrox Costa provide you with individual solutions for your medical concerns.

Since then, we have been operating in our medical centers with great satisfaction and acceptance on the part of our patients, who appreciate the possibility of expressing themselves in their native language when having medical issues, and communicating with specialists without the necessity of a third person to translate. Regardless of language competence, all of our employees have a thorough medical education and most of them also have decades of experience in their field of expertise.

At OTS Clinics, with their variety of medical services, you will get your appointment as soon as possible upon request for the following medical specialties: Orthopedics, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurology, Gynecology, Urology, Psycology, Internal Medicine, as well as with Dental Medicine, Orthodontics, Osteopathy, Physical and Sports Therapy.

Our Locations

OTS Clinic Marbella

Marbella located west of Málaga is a center of attraction of international tourism thanks mainly to its climate and tourist infrastructure. Situated in the King Edwards building in front of the “Piruli” or Conference Hall of Marbella, the OTS Clinic Marbella is a modern, multilingual policlinic wich focuses on giving you the best effective and fast treatment of your problems.

If you live on the west part of Málaga, this is your clinic of confidence. We assure you a direct and personalized treatment of your problems. Click below to find out more about our clinic…

OTS Clinic Concept Torrox-Costa

Torrox-Costa is located on the east coast of the province of Malaga. Its beautiful beaches, walks and the charm of a Spanish town, are responsible of the popularity it has gained in the past years, being so one of the favorite places for many people of all nationalities. OTS Clinic Concept is the best choice to solve your medical issues. Click on read more to find out more about our installations and services….

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