Sports and exercise scientist

Dr. Domenico Gurzi - Sports and exercise scientist

The sports and movement scientist Domenico Gurzi was born and raised in Germany. He is an absolute specialist in his field and also works as a rehabilitation and athletic trainer, sports osteopath, football trainer, patent holder for football high technology and book author.
The sports scientist is primarily concerned with the holistic examination of his patients’ movement sequences in order to find out why pain or dysfunction occurs.
To do this, he uses the 4D High Performance Lab, among other things. In most situations, pain and dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system develop as a result of a combination of different circumstances: physical predisposition, daily stress, aging processes, common activities and living conditions, stress and emotions – with varying degrees of intensity depending on the patient and the situation. Osteoarthritis or a slipped disc is often just the last link in a chain of unfavorable factors.
Over many years, Gurzi and his team have made the procedure more and more detailed, taking into account new therapy research and practical treatment experience, and can therefore create individual treatment plans.

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